To whom it may concern:
I was behind one of your drivers in Epping at about 4:15 today. He or she put on hazards and slowed down. It appeared a dog had gotten loose, and someone was trying to get it. Great driver! Not all drivers would have done this, and I wanted to express how kind and caring this driver was. Please recognize this wonderful action and let the driver know it did not go unnoticed. Thank you.



Robin from Stratham called to sing Mike’s praises! Mike was dispatched for a hot water heater issue. Robin wanted us to know that Mike was pleasant, nice, and took his time to go over the parts and explain everything to her. He made her feel extremely comfortable, and she will request him for all future calls.



To whom it may concern, I just wanted to write a note thanking you for the delivery of propane today. The gentlemen that delivered it was AWESOME! When he arrived, chipmunks had made a habitat out of the space under the cap to our tank. It was frozen solid with dirt they brought up from underneath. The gentlemen asked me for a shovel and bucket and dug it up no questions asked, no complaints, no second thought. I know how this must have felt for him and I am sure makes for a longer day on his end, but I wanted him and you to know just how much it is appreciated. I'm not sure if this is normal for you all, but this level of service and commitment to making sure we had propane heading into these cold months was more than appreciated. With everything to worry about, heating the house for my family is not one of them for me today. Thank you!

Rob D Exeter.


Eric called to say he is just blown away with how great the install went and how sleek the unit looks. He just could not be any happier with the installation and service from Trevor, Steve, Matt, and Steve B. Eric said all four guys were thorough, professional, and left the job site clean, and mentioned how great it was working with our sales dept. as well. Eric said from start to finish was a fantastic experience!



Hi, this message is for Jim Proulx. My name is Linda L. and I just wanted to tell you guys that Mike was a technician that was over at our house today. Just a great guy, did a great job explained things really well to us and I just think the world of your service. So, thank you have a good day.

Linda L.