Terms And Conditions

Propane Supply And Equipment Terms And Conditions

This statement sets forth the terms and conditions under which Proulx Oil & Propane, Inc. (“Proulx”) delivers propane gas (“Propane”) and provides propane storage cylinder(s) and/or tanks(s), and the associated first stage regulators, pigtails and other supply lines (collectively, the “Equipment”) to you (the “Customer”) at the delivery address (the “Location”) identified in Customer’s account records maintained by Proulx. These terms and conditions are not subject to change by Customer. When used herein, (a) the terms “Agreement” and “Terms and Conditions” mean these terms and conditions, and (b) the terms (i) “delivery” or “deliveries” means delivery of Propane by Proulx to the Location and (ii) “service” means use of the Equipment to supply Propane to any system, appliance or equipment which uses Propane at the Location. Customer’s request for or acceptance of deliveries of Propane from Proulx, or Customer’s use of the Equipment provided by Proulx, shall constitute acceptance of and agreement to this Agreement. This Agreement is a legally binding contract. Please read this Agreement carefully and retain a copy for your records. The terms & conditions of this agreement are as follows:

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