Tank Rental Fee

A Proulx propane tank is free to use if you use a minimum amount of propane each year. We base the tank size to your usage to ensure adequate supply when you need it. "Tank rental fee”, also called a “minimum use fee" takes place annually if a certain amount of propane hasn’t been used in a year for that particular size tank. This fee covers the cost of purchasing, maintaining & keeping that tank in compliance.

An example would be a customer who has a 500-gal tank for their 25-kw generator but used no propane in the last year – in this case an annual minimum use fee (basically a tank rental) would be charged. For steady usage such as water heating, home heating, cooking – the tank is sized in accordance with what your usage is, and a fee isn’t charged. Ask us to explain the annual minimum usage expected on various size tanks to make sure you get the proper size to meet your needs.

This is an industry standard, and tank rental fees vary from company to company. When considering switching to another company ask what their minimum use fee is and any other related fees you may incur now or a year down the road.

Tank Rental