Propane Smell Like

By nature, propane is clear and contains no scent at all. For safety purposes propane companies add a substance known as ethyl-mercaptan to the propane fuel. Ethyl-mercaptan has a strong rotten egg, or skunk-like scent, which allows the consumer to smell it in the case of a leak.

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If you smell something similar near your appliances and your propane tank, it is possible that you are low in fuel. Ethyl-mercaptan is heavier than propane and sinks to the bottom of the tank so when the tank is low on fuel the ethyl-mercaptan smell will become more noticeable.

Did you know that running out of propane can lead to a host of other bad events? The majority of these mishaps happen to people who monitor their own propane tank levels. Proulx Oil and Propane uses the Enertrac Remote Level monitoring system which allows Proulx to monitor the fuel level in your propane tank at your home through the internet! This system eliminates your need to check fuel levels, reduces the chance of a run out and adds to the safety of using propane gas in your home.