BioFuel for Public Transportation

BioFuel for Public Transportation

December 4, 2023

Dover NH– Coast Bus, the NH Seacoast area’s major public transportation operator, has recently begun using a 20% mixture of BioFuel in with their diesel fuel in their buses.

Jim Proulx, CEO and President of Proulx Oil and Propane recently announced this important milestone. “Coast Bus is joining the growing group of industry leaders who recognize the tremendous benefits that BioFuels can have in improving the work environment for their customers, their employees, and the general public. Using a cleaner and greener burning fuel will enhance the riding experience for their customers using public transportation, improve the air quality for their employees working in and around the bus fleet, help the general air quality for all of us in the Seacoast area of NH, and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. We applaud the forward thinking of the leadership at Coast including Phil Smith who spearheaded the efforts to embrace the use of BioFuels in the bus fleet at Coast”.