Free to Switch FAQ’s

Free to Switch Propane Program

We want you to know that it is EASY and convenient for you to switch your propane service to us. Our Free to Switch Program makes it as easy as it can get. Below are just a few FAQ's regarding our Free to Switch Program:

If your existing tank is an underground tank, we simply purchase the tank from your current provider at no cost to you. We do not dig up the tank.

No, there is no interruption in service. We coordinate the change out of your existing tank first for you so that there is no interruption in service. You call your current company after we are done changing your tank. Your current company will then come and pick up their equipment from your property.

Your existing propane company will give you a refund for any fuel remaining at time of tank pick up minus any outstanding balance that you may owe them.

If you just got a delivery and want to switch, it is no problem. Just don’t pay your current company for the newest delivery as they will be taking that gas back and will still reimburse you for what was in your tank prior to the most recent delivery.

You can switch at any time that is convenient for you! 

 Call us today at 800-287-1921. and get started today with a company who will change your propane tank for FREE!