Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

When you choose a Full-Service fuel provider like Proulx Oil & Propane you have two options for fuel delivery, Will Call and Automatic Delivery. Many of our customers have chosen the convenience and security of Automatic Delivery. With Automatic Delivery we schedule deliveries to ensure you never run out. This saves you time because you don’t need to monitor your own tank levels, and helps you avoid a run out. We even factor in more frequent fill-ups during cold snaps, to keep your home warm.

We can do this because of the technology we’ve invested in for your comfort. Our system monitors and updates all our data, allowing us to track the fuel levels of our customers down to the gallon. Our drivers use tablets, so we can seamlessly add new deliveries to a driver’s route on the fly. We even track the distance our drivers go, the speed they drive at, and exactly where they are at in their routes. Our trucks are equipped with the newest technology to calculate exactly how much fuel our drivers put into a tank. And of course, we can see the exact number of gallons left in our drivers’ trucks to ensure all deliveries will be completed.

Ready to sign up for Automatic Delivery? Contact us at csr@proulxoilandpropane.com or 800.287.1921 and provide your current usage information.