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Gas Alarm & Detector

Protect Your Home and Family Against Gas Leaks by Installing a Gas Alarm & Detector

Safety is one of our primary concerns at Proulx Oil and Propane and one step towards ensuring the safety of you and your family is to install a propane gas detector. Gas leaks can lead to catastrophic explosions that can destroy houses and put occupants in danger. A 3 in 1 detection alarm can help prevent such incidents and installation is a BREEZE!! The unit(s) simply plug in to ANY wall electrical outlet in your home!!

Reasons to Buy, Install and Regularly Test A Combustible Gas Alarm:

Pro Series 3 Safety Siren Multi Gas Detector

safety siren gas alarm and detector

The Safety Siren multi-gas detector offers you a first-line of defense in keeping you and your home safe from harmful gases. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that each household has at least one carbon monoxide detector placed in the sleeping areas of the home. This unit not only offers you protection from carbon monoxide poisoning, but it also monitors the air for the combustible gases: methane and propane.

Safety Siren Combination Gas Detector Model HS80504
Choosing a high-quality gas monitoring system will help ensure you family and home are protected from harmful—and sometimes fatal—gas leaks. The Safety Siren multi-gas detector possess top-of-the-line features for the most accurate results.

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