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Propane Usage Calculator

Fill out the following form to get an estimate of the number of gallons you'll need per year.

Number of residents in home

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Household Applications

Select all that apply.

Cook top with Electric Oven
Cook top with Propane Oven
Hot Water Heater
Clothes Dryer

Square Footage of Home

Formula = (Foundation Length) X (Foundation Width) X (Number of Floors)

Heat Source

Space Heat Applications

Select all that apply.

Direct Vent - Rinnai
Model #263
Model #431
Model #556
Model #1004
Direct Vent - Empire
Model #DV 25 (or equivalent 25,000 BTU Direct Vent)
Model #DV 35 (or equivalent 35,000 BTU Direct Vent)
Model #DV 55 (or equivalent 55,000 BTU Direct Vent)

Hearth Product Applications

Select all that apply and enter a quantity.

Gas Log in existing masonry fireplace   |   Quantity: 
Gas burning insert into existing masonry fireplace (vent free)   |   Quantity: 
Vented cast iron stove (direct or natural vent)   |   Quantity: 
Vent free cast iron stove   |   Quantity: 

Propane Emergency Generator

Based on 24 hours of operation per year.

Do not fill in this field.
Generator Size: