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"Proulx became our propane provider two years ago after I met Jim Proulx while doing community service work in our area. Jim educated me, without pressure or expectations, as to programs and protection that my existing company just wasn't doing. He has since saved me thousands of dollars on my fuel costs just by making the change. We are comforted in knowing he is looking out for us and that he continues to look forward to changes in the industry and the way that energy is going to be bought, sold, and consumed. We appreciate his personal attention and have one less thing to worry about in operating our own business with many employees knowing that Proulx is on it."

- W.M., Ultrasource, Hollis NH

Referral Program

referralsProulx Oil and Propane works very hard to be the best that it can be. Because of that, the contractors who work with Proulx make it well known that we are great to work with, attentive to detail, and respond when needed. We want your customer who buys the home that you are building for them to know that you have partnered with the best, and only the best. And we also want you to tell your new homeowner just how great Proulx Oil and Propane was to work with during the construction phase of your building project. To encourage that, Proulx will give you additional consideration for referring Proulx to your new home owner. Proulx will provide you with all of the necessary materials to give to the new homeowner. We will coordinate credit applications for you and the new homeowner, we will coordinate future deliveries so that there is no interruption in service, and we will be there for years to come, long after the sale is made. Call our Sales Team and ask us about our builder referral rewards program. 800.287.1921.