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Propane Service Plan

Why a Propane Service Plan Is a Good Idea

Many of our propane customers do not realize that a propane heating system should be serviced each year. Even with normal use, including idle time, propane heating units can build up condensation and particulates that should be cleaned out as part of a tune-up.

A properly maintained propane system can also increase the lifespan of the equipment and can keep energy usage as low as possible.

At Proulx Oil & Propane you are guaranteed service from a local provider that is there for you.

Get the entire package of services and discount benefits along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is running at peak efficiency.


The annual tune-up will keep your propane system running efficiently, which saves on fuel usage and extends the life of your equipment.


Priority customer can be assured if their heating system requires unplanned repair that we are on call 24/7/365. As a service plan customer, you will be placed at the top of our list to be services.


Our technicians will conduct a safety survey of the heating system based on manufacturer's recommendations and the industry's best practices.


All parts and labor will discounted at 15% (This does not apply to a system replacement)


Discount applied when purchased and installed through Proulx Oil & Propane.
Applies only to installations that exceeds $3000 in total cost.

I am thrilled with your service technician who was here this morning to clean and service my oil burner. He was knowledgeable, wonderful and very helpful. I will request him from now on!

Diane L., Manchester, NH

So pleased with your service technicians' professional manner, friendliness and helpfulness during my recent furnace cleaning. I also like your prescheduled postcard; it is a great reminder that I was due for a cleaning.

Colleen F., Dover, NH

Your furnace cleaning professional came to my house today to clean our furnace. I couldn't be more pleased with his service. He was courteous, professional and efficient. I am also delighted that Proulx Oil & Propane can now provide cleaning and maintenance services to your clients, as it was becoming difficult to find someone to service our oil burner.

Toni H., Lee, NH

I am so pleased with both the excellent work and professionalism of your technician who was at our home this morning to clean our oil furnace.

Tom R., Newcastle, NH