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Delivery Ticket Update

New Delivery Ticket Procedure
  • Your delivery ticket will come to you
    electronically in an email.
  • You can pay online from the link provided
    or if you prefer, send a check via standard US mail.
  • Online payment option:
  • Just log into your Proulx online account
    to make a secure payment.
    Easy, convenient and free!
  • Click here to access your account and pay online

Safety of our customers and employees - Our driver won't be approaching your door, lessening the chance of an uncomfortable situation with someone who may be in the home (child, elderly parent, dog) and not expecting a visitor.

Less trips - from the truck to the home reduces the chance of slips and falls, the #1 reason for workers comp claims.

Less time - our truck is idling in your driveway. This will reduce air, noise and sight pollution all around.