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Customer Testimonials

"Proulx has been our fuel dealer of choice for 17 years now. They have provided great flexibility in their programs and support. They have stayed current with technology and equipment. Their technicians have been responsive, well trained, courteous, and professional. I have over 100 rental units that I can't have cold or without hot water. Proulx has been there for us and continues to lead the industry."
- P.B., PB Properties, Durham NH

"Proulx became our propane provider two years ago after I met Jim Proulx while doing community service work in our area. Jim educated me, without pressure or expectations, as to programs and protection that my existing company just wasn't doing. He has since saved me thousands of dollars on my fuel costs just by making the change. We are comforted in knowing he is looking out for us and that he continues to look forward to changes in the industry and the way that energy is going to be bought, sold, and consumed. We appreciate his personal attention and have one less thing to worry about in operating our own business with many employees knowing that Proulx is on it."
- W.M., Ultrasource, Hollis NH


Proulx Oil and Propane has a growing list of satisfied Commercial/Industrial accounts throughout our delivery areas.

Proulx welcomes the opportunity to provide your company and projects wherever needed in NH, Maine, and Northern Massachusetts.

We can provide tanks on a temporary or permanent basis. We can provide technical assistance in equipment development, site development, and propane supply needs.

Check out our Special Programs including price protection programs for all of our customers and top of the line service and support as you require.

A comprehensive list of current references can be made available upon request.

Call today and ask for Jim Proulx at 800-287-1921.

Commercial Account Assessment

Whether you are using propane, fuel oil, biofuel or a combination of these, Proulx's commercial programs are customized to your needs. Controlling costs with usage and equipment with the complexity of applications or appliances often run on a single property can easily be managed under a Proulx Commercial account.

Calling a Proulx Commercial account representative, we set a convenience time to meet with you and begin a site assessment. Based on that review we formulate an energy usage plan that most often results in lower costs. From delivery schedules, based on bulk purchases to equipment rental or equipment sales the Proulx team is ready to work with you.

Proulx's state-of-the-art equipment and data analysis can determine from the square footage of the property, appliances and heating equipment used along with yearly histories of daily average temperature an overall cost projection. A detailed review of equipment may reveal less than efficient operations which result in some cases $10,000's a year in lost opportunities.

According to a study done by the GAMA and efficiency rating, yearly average costs to operate a Rinnai tankless water heating system cost $166. Compared to Natural Gas at $210, Propane at $310 and Electric at $397, a single unit can return a savings of an average of $231 per unit - per year!

Call the Proulx Team today for a no-cost, on-site assessment and review. Proulx - Cleaner - Greener - Ready to Serve.