Proulx Oil and Propane to send Assistance to Connecticut Retailer

Newmarket, NH - November 02, 2012 - Proulx Oil and Propane announced today that they are sending a propane truck and driver to Gault Energy in Westport Connecticut to help in their efforts to keep up with propane generators operating in the storm ravaged area of greater Fairfield County Connecticut. "We are honored to have been asked by the Gault Energy group and pleased to be able to mobilize assets we have as well as an employee willing to go to help" commented Proulx Oil and Propane company President Jim Proulx. "Our employee Matt White never hesitated when asked to make the sacrifice of travel and time away from his family and for that both Proulx and the Gault team are appreciative of his willingness to go" said Proulx General Manager Les Houston who has been the pivotal contact at Proulx to facilitate the mobilization of support. "We expect that our employee and delivery vehicle will provide a critical need to the customers of Gault to keep them in propane which is providing the temporary power they need to stay comfortable and safe" said Mr. Houston.

Jim Proulx added "if the tide was turned the other way and Sandy had made a direct hit on the NH Seacoast area we would have appreciated the same type of mutual aide that we are going to be providing to the people of Fairfield County." Proulx expects that the driver and vehicle will be on site for at least two days and possibly longer if needed until a greater amount of power distribution can be repaired and Gault customers can return to a greater sense of normalcy. "The severity of the destruction in those direct hit areas is like nothing we have seen before" commented Mr. Proulx.

"Proulx customers will not see any degradation in servicing of their needs which is our primary concern and helping a fellow retailer in a dire time of need is the right thing to do but is not possible without the efforts of many within our organization" added John Proulx, VP of Operations at Proulx. "We wish we could help everyone but we can at least do a small part by assisting Gault" said Tom Proulx, CFO at Proulx Oil and Propane. Proulx has also been involved with assisting other transportation related needs from the post Sandy event with coordinating gasoline supply through contacts within the energy sector from resources as far away as West Virginia to get that fuel to the affected areas within New Jersey. "We are being asked and we are doing everything we can to find those resources for the residents of the greater New York and New Jersey areas" said Jim Proulx.