Proulx Oil & Propane Uses Helicopter to Deliver Propane Tanks

November 5, 2010

At Proulx Oil and Propane, we go to great HEIGHTS to bring our customers propane!!

Proulx Oil and Propane recently delivered propane tanks to the Appalachian Mountain Club huts in the White Mountains of NH using a helicopter. Proulx Oil and Propane currently has approximately 100 propane tanks at various huts owned and operated by the AMC. These huts are reserved by hikers going on multi-day hikes in the White Mountains. The propane tanks are used in the huts for heat, hot water, cooking and gas lights. The huts are in areas where truck delivery is impossible, so a helicopter must be used and perfect conditions are required to fly them in. Proulx Oil and Propane is up to the task for the AMC and you at home!