Welcome to 2012

Tom Proulx, Chairman (left) congratulates, Dana Jones (right) on his year of leadership for the OHCNH

We are once again faced with many challenges in our industry as we turn the page into a new year. The 2011-2012 heating season has cer- tainly gotten off to a slow start. The only things moving slower than the degree day meter are the folks in Washington. We continue to work with our local representatives on NORA funding. Congress- man Frank Guinta has recently signed on as a co-sponsor of the NORA Reauthorization Legislation. We are now trying to get Senator Kelly Ayotte to sign on as well. Congressman Charlie Bass has been a longtime advocate of this cause. This bill helps to level the playing field with the big utilities, but it seems uncertain that this will pass any time soon. Please continue to support this funding.

A new set of officers stand ready to take over the reins of the OHCNH. I (Proulx Oil and Propane) begin the year as Chair, John Rider (Dead River) will serve as Vice Chair, and Rob Stenger (Simple Energy) moves into the Treasurer position. I would like to thank Dana Jones (White Mountain Oil and Propane) for his fantastic work in 2011. We continue to get great support and leadership from Bob Scully, Executive Director, and his staff. Paula McLaughlin and Laura Everhart continue to take on most of the everyday functions of our organization.

Special thanks to all those attending our December meeting. We had a great turnout and wonderful program. Mike Trunzo gave us an update on NEFI. They have ad- dressed issues head on and seem to have turned the corner for the future. I am happy to report that most of our renewing state members are electing to support NEFI for 2012. Celeste Lovett reported on the LIHEAP program. It will be a challenging year for them and their/our CAP clients. Since her report, additional funding has been approved to help out most needy customers. Katelin Geleszinski and Colby Schneider gave a presentation on current media outlets. These new ways of communication will certainly change the way we do business and communicate with our customers. Also, Earl Sweeney from the NH Department of Safety reviewed the new hours of service regula- tions.

We continue to strive to get our members and affiliates involved and informed of what we are doing. We welcome and encourage all to take part in our committees, meetings, and convention. Together we can have a positive effect on our industry and future. We hope to see you at our March 7 ski day at Mt. Sunapee as well as our April meeting in Concord.

Thomas Proulx