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Reminder to clear snow from vents & shovel a path to oil and propane tanks

February 17, 2017 - The combination of extreme cold and the series of four major snow storms over the period of 14 days is challenging Mainers and the Maine Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) is asking the public to remember to ensure delivery of heating oil, kerosene and propane by shoveling a path to oil and propane tanks and to keep safe by removing snow from any vent. Drifting snow can cover exhaust vents and lead to unsafe operation of heating equipment.

Jamie Py, President and CEO of the MEMA said the recent heavy snow could impact delivery of necessary fuels if driveways and paths to fill pipes and tanks are inaccessible. Further, intake and exhaust vents on heating equipment need to be clear of snow to operate safely and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

"While we are all just trying to keep up with the shoveling out of our driveways and cars, let's remember to stay safe by removing snow near vents, and make a passable path to the fill pipe or tank to ensure that fuel delivery drivers can make a delivery of heating fuels." Py said. "There is nothing like a good old fashion winter to appreciate staying warm. Let's ensure that we continue staying warm and safe."