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Proulx Oil and Propane continues support of New Hampshire Public Television's STEM from the START educational series as it expands free resources to more educators

TV show connects younger children and teachers to science, technology, engineering and math curriculum

Newmarket, NH; July 27, 2017 - For the second year, Proulx Oil and Propane is a leading sponsor of New Hampshire Public Television's (NHPTV) STEM from the START program, which helps children ages four to eight years old understand the science all around them, including the physics of heat and how that giant truck of propane turns into warmth to keep families warm all winter.

"Science, technology, engineering, and math are central to our business as an oil and propane company - from the logistics software that dispatches fuel trucks to customers' homes, to the extremely technical service and repair of sophisticated HVAC systems," said Jim Proulx, president and CEO of Proulx Oil and Propane. "We are proud to be a part of this initiative that shows not all scientists wear lab coats, and we applaud the program's new season and increased training opportunities for teachers."

STEM from the START uses the power of educational video to help lay the groundwork for STEM subjects by engaging children in learning that is fun, meaningful and lasting. Each STEM from the START video lesson features the Quinks, three curious aliens who have come to Earth from their home of the tiny Planet Q to learn about how things on our planet work. With the help of a human friend Willow, they explore basic principles of physical science.

"We love learning, and Willow teaches us so much," said Neutrina Quink, who was reached by satellite phone using technology in NHPTV's Durham office. "Willow helps us discover things we did not know, and we get to meet people with jobs that use the lessons we learn. It's mega-ultra-awesome!"

The second season of episodes of STEM from the START is in the planning stages. Meanwhile, NHPTV is also creating training sessions for New Hampshire educators to help them incorporate STEM from the START in their classrooms. Completely free, the regional training sessions will help educators gain confidence in teaching STEM subjects, arming educators with fun and engaging animated adventures and guided activities all aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The program was developed in partnership with LearniVerse Educational Media in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Along with curriculum resources for teachers of pre-kindergarten through grade two, each lesson incorporates an exploration of the local environment, helping viewers and the show's characters understand basic physical science, including materials, temperature, motion, and force. STEM from the START seeks to use and maintain the natural curiosity of childhood to build an early foundation in science-related fields.

"Our goal is for every child to know they are naturally a scientist and engineer, and educators using STEM from the START lessons in their classrooms report high levels of engagement and retention," said Susan Adams, a former teacher and education manager at NHPTV. "It's so important for children to maintain and pursue their curiosity as scientists and engineers, realizing that science is everywhere, and never to let anyone tell them any different."

STEM from the START is made possible by sponsors like Proulx Oil and Propane. Each donation is applied to the production of STEM from the START's learning modules and guides, which are free to access on the STEM from the START website.

As the lead sponsor, Proulx Oil and Propane is challenging New Hampshire businesses to join us and invest in this valuable program. To learn more about sponsorship, visit NHPTV.org or contact stem@nhptv.org. For more information about STEM from the START or New Hampshire Public Television and its educational offerings, please visit stemfromthestart.org or nhptv.org/kn/. To learn more about training opportunities for educators, contact Susan Adams at sadams@nhptv.org.

To learn more about Proulx Oil and Propane and the many ways it supports communities across New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, visit proulxoilandpropane.com.

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