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Portable Solar Heat

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Portable solar collectors can be used for all solar hot water generation applications including domestic hot water, radiant floor space heating, pools and spas. They are twin glass evacuated tubes that are made of borosilicate glass and continue to produce hot water for up to 30 minutes after the sun sets. There are three different sizes based on the hot water demands.

This method can reduce annual hot water production costs by as much as 80 - 100%. It is fully expandable and upgradeable as your needs increase. It is easily integrated with your electric, heat pump, gas or oil fired hot water system and can be mounted on the ground, wall, flat roof or pitched roof.

The installation of these solar collectors will remove the equivalent of 60-100% of the greenhouse gas pollution that a modern car adds into our environment. It also provides independence from fossil fuels for a significant part of the year. The Collectors are built using recycled materials and can be used to gain "Green Tags" or LEED Home Points.

The footprint is much smaller than the traditional flat plate collectors. It is effective down to -22 degrees F and can withstand up to one-inch hail stone impacts.

They come with a comprehensive 15 year limited warranty.

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