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Proulx Oil & Propane is committed to growing our business through an expanding base of satisfied customers.


Proulx purchases only the highest quality fuel oils and propane available with seasonal treatment to guard against extreme cold conditions.


Every Product, every town every day...Proulx Oil & Propane prides itself on delivering every product we carry, to every town we serve, on every day we are open for business.


  • Proulx Oil & Propane operates a modern fleet of nearly 30 delivery and service vehicles.
  • We utilize the leading edge software available in our industry.
  • We can monitor your fuel level in your tank with our state of the art remote level monitoring system by Scully Signal.
  • We are able to monitor the temperature in your home for a reasonable annual fee and installation charge.


  • Our Company is owned and operated by the Proulx family.
  • Our Technicians and Delivery Drivers are Nationally Certified
  • Our Certified Management staff has over 60 years combined experience