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Customer Testimonials
"We have been working with the Proulx family for over 20 years now. Over that time, Proulx has serviced and supported over 300 of our new homes and new home buyers as well. Their commitment to service and support has not changed. They continue to be responsive to our needs and to that of our customers after the sale. We appreciate the work they do and their presence in the community."

- S.M., Develco, Newmarket, NH

"Proulx Oil and Propane became our propane provider for our large industrial projects about 5 years ago now. We would never go anywhere else! Proulx provides timely delivery with price protection programs that make our projects go more smoothly than ever. Proulx understands the needs of their customers and backs it up when the time comes. They are great to work with and I wish all of our subcontracted services could run so smooth."

- E.W., Hutter Construction, Sandwich NH

  • Price Protection for you and your future owner – Proulx works with YOUR needs for each season and offers you the most flexible pricing formula
  • Site Tanks – All sizes, all needs. Temporary and Permanent installation
  • Remote Level Monitoring – We have the technology to remotely monitor your construction site tanks to make sure they stay full!
  • Free Tank Sets – You provide the hole, and back fill properly, and we will bring you the tank and set you up with your underground line to stub on the outside of the building.
  • Service – Proulx is known for their response times, accommodation of our Contractor customers, and for our depth in knowledge of what you need from our years of supporting small, medium, and very large commercial projects. We get there sooner than anyone else, and we stay until the job is done.

    • Underground tank installation
    • Forced hot water heating installation
    • Forced hot air heating installation
    • Hydro-Air heating/cooling system
    • Central air conditioning installation
    • Ductwork design and installation
    • Tankless water heater installations
    • Complete gas piping installations
    • Gas appliance connection and conversion

  • Weekend Service – Proulx operates their staff during peak months and demands on a 6 day per week basis with Emergency Service ALWAYS available. It's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you need something from Proulx.