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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are propane prices not the same for every customer?
A: Unlike oil, propane prices are based on the number of gallons you use per year. Because the uses of propane vary significantly the consumption can range from 25 to well over 1000 gallons per year. Those that use more propane pay less accordingly.

Q: What does propane smell like?
A: By nature, propane is clear and contains no scent at all. For safety purposes propane companies add a substance know as ethyl-mercaptan to the propane fuel. Ethyl-mercaptan has a strong rotten egg, or skunk-like scent, which allows the consumer to smell it in the case of a leak. If you smell something similar near your appliances and your tank it is possible that you are low in fuel. Ethyl-mercaptan is heavier than propane and sinks to the bottom of the tank so when the tank is low on fuel the ethyl-mercaptan smell will become more noticeable.

Download an informative PDF here.

Q: How do you know when to deliver for customers on automatic delivery?
A: We deliver based on two factors: the current outside temperature and your usual usage. Our computer system calculates the amount of gallons each customer uses between deliveries and can therefore determine a general delivery schedule after 2 or 3 deliveries have been made. If there is going to be a drastic change in your usage such as: you are temporarily out of town (1month or more), more people have moved in to your residence, you are using more heat due to construction at the home or various other reasons or you add a new appliance or a new heating system, you should contact our company to let us know so we can ensure that you do not run out of fuel.

Q: What are the advantages to locking in the price of fuel for the winter?
A: The greatest advantage to pre-buying or locking in your fuel price for the heating season is that you are protected in the event of an increase in fuel prices. Typically oil and propane prices tend to rise when the demand is the highest, which in our case is in the winter months. For this purpose, pre-buying your fuel in the summer or fall for the winter months can save out customers hundreds of dollars. We offer a guaranteed Price Protection Program which enables our customers to choose 1 of 3 money saving options for the winter.

Q: What are the different options you offer on your Guaranteed Price Protection Program and when is the best time to join the program?
A: We offer 3 different plans for locking in a low price on your fuel for the winter. Option 1 is a pre-buy program at a fixed rate. This allows you to pre-pay for the amount of fuel you think you will consume between the months or October and April at a fixed or non-changing price per gallon. Option 2 is also a pre-buy program allowing you to purchase the number of gallons you think you will consume in the coming winter but for a small one-time fee, this plan includes downside protection. Downside protection gives you the greatest value, by allowing you to get the lower price if the price per gallon goes lower than the rate you locked in at. Option 3 is a budget capped plan that is affordable to all. With option 3 you do not have to pre-buy the number of gallons you think you will use. We cap your rate at a given price and divide the total amount owed by the number of payments you wish to make allowing you to pay monthly payments for the heating season. With this plan, the downside protection is mandatory, so you will always be charged whichever price is lower.

Q: Can I make payments on my balance?
A: If you can make a reasonable payment arrangement for your balance, payment arrangements will be accepted. Future deliveries will not be released until pass due balances are paid. You should contract the office if you are interested in making payment arrangements.

Q: Can I get a partial fill for my propane tank?
A: If you have 240 gallons or above for propane storage at your home you may receive a partial fill, a minimum delivery is half your tank size. If you receive a partial fill you will be subject to additional charge of .25 cents per gallon.

Q: What is the minimum delivery for oil and kerosene?
A: 150 gallons

Q: How soon can I get a delivery if I open on account?
A: In most cases we are able to get you a delivery the next business day after you get an account setup. It may vary on what product you are looking for, but call the office to get more information based on the product you are looking to be delivered.

Q: Do you have service for my oil furnace?
A: We have oil contractors that we use for our oil servicing; they are available 24-7-365 days a year. If you need your furnace cleaned or service, contact our office and we will contact one of our contractors for you.

Q: How come I didn't get a bill after my delivery, just a ticket?
A: Our drivers leave the delivery ticket as a bill for our customers. You have 15 days to pay for your deliveries; it is after 30 days that finance charges start to accrue. If you would like to have an invoice mailed to you after each delivery, just request that when you talk to a representative from our company.

Q: What are your office hours?
A: We are open 7:30am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, during the winter we have extended hours that include Saturdays.

Q: What happens if I run out of fuel?
A: If you run out of fuel we are able to get you out a delivery that day. We have emergency service for those times that you run out outside of normal business hours. Additional charges may apply to those who are not on a regular delivery schedule with us.