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Commercial BioHeat and BioFuels

Bio-fuel Basics

  • Bio-fuel is the common term for all soy based fuel products. These include Bio-diesel and Bio-heat.
  • Bio-fuel is a blend of traditional oil products and a soy or canola based fuel additive.
  • Bio-diesel is a blend of traditional diesel fuel and a soy based fuel additive.
  • Bio-diesel is used in transportation-based applications such as city buses, trucks and trains. (Keene, NH is currently using bio-diesel for municipal transportation vehicles.)
  • Bio-heat is a blend of traditional home heating oil and a soy based fuel additive.
  • Bio-heat is used in home and commercial heating applications. (Warwick, R.I. is currently heating all public schools with Bio-heat.)
  • The soy-based additive in bio-fuel has 90% less sulfur or particulate emissions and therefore releases no harmful gases into the environment.
  • Bio-fuels are made from renewable resources such as soy, which are grown on American farms.
  • Bio-fuels can also be produced from waste vegetable oils generated by restaurant fry-o-lator's. (This process provides very little supply however.)
  • Bio-heat is typically made up of soy based product, blended with existing heating oil in a measure of up to 20% soy based additive, combined with 80% regular heating oil. This mix would be labeled B-20.
  • Important!!!

  • Typical blending for the home market served by Proulx Oil & Propane/Reliable Oil will be 2% to 5% soy product blended with 95% to 98% heating oil. (Soy % + Heating % always equals 100). A mix of 2% soy is also called B-2. A mix of 5% soy is also called B-5.
  • Domestic consumption of bio-fuel will reduce American dependence on foreign supply by as much as 20%.
  • Bio-heat has much the same cold weather properties as regular heating oil and requires no difference in handling or usage as long as it is stored in an inside tank.
  • We do not recommend higher than a 2% blend (B-2) in any outside tank. (It may freeze if exposed to severe cold weather).

Important!!! Bio-heat can be delivered and used in existing oil burning furnaces and accounts with no modification necessary.


Important!!! Bio-heat can be delivered and used in existing oil burning furnaces and accounts with no modification necessary.

  • Bio-heat is proven to burn cleaner than regular heating oil and has a cleaning effect on existing furnaces resulting in reduced burner maintenance and cost! (Source: Brookhaven Testing Institute, a nationally respected testing lab, similar in scope to a UL Listing which as we all know is very well known in consumer goods.)
  • Bio-heat reduces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions as well as soot and hydrocarbons resulting in a cleaner environment.
  • Bio-heat will be delivered premixed to the customer.
  • Bio-heat will also be available for customer to add themselves if they wish to burn a higher percentage than our "standard delivery" blend.
  • We currently offer our B-20 Bioheat at the SAME price as #2 Home Heating Oil!

For more information on Bioheat and Biodiesel, visit, the website of the National Biodiesel Board.

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